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BPSS License Approved

Following an extensive 12 month process, we have been granted a two year license by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision within the New York State Education Department. The licensure process included vetting all aspects of the school’s operations – curriculum and faculty approval, financial viability and facilities provided, and concluded with a visit to the school premises on December 19th 2019.


Thus, as of January 2020 our Manhattan based campus at 370 Lexington Avenue, is welcoming applications from candidates worldwide. The licensed Diploma in Digital Marketing program blends academic rigor with industry immersion, with the aim of setting students off on a clear career path from the moment of their enrollment.


The candidates who apply for our programs, are the ones who are looking to set off on a career fast track, experience living, studying and working in a bustling hub of economic activity, one of the main centers of US culture.

BPSS License, New York State Educaton Department

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