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Destination: New York | Expand Your Experience Competition | October 2020 Intake

Tasked to build a chatbot (a virtual assistant designed to offer information in an engaging, conversational and personalized way) and to create a video in which they’ll explain why they’re ideal candidates, senior students from our sister academy, American Hotel Academy, were eager to get started with the competition.


Named Expand Your Experience or EYE, the competition offers the opportunity for them to return to the USA, this time to New York and as digital marketing students. No prior experience was required as we took their creativity and willingness to learn about digital marketing the only weighing factors for competing.


From a total of 15 participants the winners will enjoy prizes in the form of discounts. Both the chatbot and video will be evaluated by 3 of our representatives. Both tasks have an equal weight of 50% in the final grade.


Technique, message quality, creativity and respecting the topic are taken into consideration as grading factors.


The competition ends on the 29th of February 2020 at 12:00pm.


The results will be published of the 10th of March 2020, in descending order from highest grade to lowest.


The winners of the contest will join our other accepted students for the October 2020 intake.


We just can’t wait to see the results and displays of creativity and willingness! February is set to be exciting as much for us as for the participants.


Until then, good luck to everyone!

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