MSI is part school, part job placement.

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What is MSI?

Manhattan Studies Institute (MSI) is a private career institution in New York City. We package work experience with higher on-demand education and career coaching in fields like Digital Marketing, Business Management and Hospitality Management, thus creating a bridge between our students’ previous studies and the opportunities that are waiting for them in the industry. Our programs are especially designed for international recent graduates and young professionals.

As New York City is known as one the most competitive business & professional environments in the world, work experience and education accumulated here will open doors for our graduates anywhere in the world.

MSI is licensed by the New York State Education Department, Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide international recent graduates and young professionals a personal and professional growth experience in one of the biggest cities in the world, by schooling, mentoring and having them intern with a host company over a 12 month period, which will launch their future careers and life.
We serve New York City employers by providing growth-minded international talent to diversify and boost their teams’ results and bridge the gap between what schools teach and what only experience can bring.


Who owns MSI?

MSI is part of AMERICAN EUROPEAN EDUCATION (AEE) Group, which is a not for profit organization whose main goal is to advance professionally – oriented education and applied skills training in accordance to EU and U.S. best practices and quality standards.
AEE Group has been founded in 2012 and currently includes four schools: American Hotel Academy, TASTE -Culinary Business Academy, Digital Hub Academy and Manhattan Studies Institute in two locations: New York, USA and Brasov, Romania.
the Director

Director's Welcome

Manhattan Studies Institute (MSI) will transform lives by challenging students to uncover their full potential and to apply what they learn in daily life.
Helping young professionals to build the bridge between their potential and the opportunities that are waiting for them. MSI as a technology management institution that encompasses post-professional education and internship opportunities, has the modern model of success. The school strives to instill a passion for learning in the modern times with technology influence growing every day, set standards for excellence, and promote a commitment to serving the community. International and local will have the chance to discover the richness of Manhattan region’s international character.

MSI is conveniently located on 370 Lexington Avenue, Midtown Manhattan – one of the most vibrant areas in New York City. We are in the vicinity of Grand Central Terminal and Chrysler Building and within walking distance of Bryant Park, Empire State Building or United Nations Headquarters.
One can hardly think of a better place to train for a business profession in the heart of the business capital of the world.


Gain work experience in the global capital of Digital Marketing