MSI is part school, part job placement.

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Fees & Earnings

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 $75 Registration Fee

$8,980 Program Fee



The Program Fee is charged in 4 installments:

$680     upon admission into the program
$4,150  upon host company placement confirmation
$2,075  before Q2
$2,075  before Q3

* Rates valid for 2020 start dates.

Fees include

1. Schooling and affiliated services:
  • Curriculum tuition / schooling
  • Orientation & graduation ceremony
  • Course materials in electronic format
  • Academic assistance / mentoring
  • Career coaching / mentoring / industry guest speakers
  • Immigration assistance services
  • Accommodation assistance
2. Placement and all J-1 visa sponsorship:

There are a multitude of services and monitoring which Odyssey as your program sponsor must provide to you in order to remain compliant with the regulations of the J-1 program and to ensure your health, safety and welfare during your time in the United States. Here is a breakdown of where your fees go:

  • MSI placement and host company monitoring services
  • Gathering, reviewing and processing all of your registration documents.
  • Generating a tailored training and internship placement plan (DS-7002) for your specific program.
  • Producing and sending your DS-2019 document (required to apply for the J-1 Visa)
  • Medical insurance for the duration of your program.
  • Detailed pre-departure orientation.
  • Comprehensive handbooks, guides and resources to facilitate the arrival and orientation process.
  • 24 hour/7 days a week support from Odyssey staff.
  • Constant monitoring, evaluating and follow-ups during your program.

Fees above do not include

  • International or domestic travel
  • Accommodation in NYC
  • Visa related fees (SEVIS fee, visa application fee etc)


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