MSI is part school, part job placement.

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Who is the Program for?

What happens after you graduate with a Bachelor’s degree?

Master’s? If you attend a traditional Master’s degree program, you will most probably gain a wealth of knowledge in your chosen field. But you might not get the real world industry experience employers are looking for and that you need to succeed in your career.


Or get hired just about anywhere hoping to gain some work experience that will better position you when you apply for future jobs? If you try to enter the job market right away, you may discover it challenging to find any exciting and fulfilling position without having previous work experience or specialized skills. But how do you gain experience or skills if you can’t get a right job in the first place? And how do you break this vicious cycle?


By attending our program you will break this vicious cycle and gain rapid Digital Marketing skill development and great earning potential. Our program is a transformative 12-month experience during which you will train in a paid Digital Marketing internship within an innovative company in New York City, while simultaneously receiving in-class instruction, career coaching and mentoring.



Attend Fundamentals in Digital Marketing before arriving at MSI – online prerequisite

We start looking for a suitable placement for you

We secure a paid internship in New York City for you

You get the J-1 visa and travel to US

 Attend classes with MSI

Start your internship and simultaneously attend career coaching seminars with MSI

Graduate with Diploma in Digital Marketing

Start a career in Digital Marketing anywhere in the world


Progress to an online Master’s Degree Program and continue your internship in US for 18 more months.

Gain Self Confidence: study, work and live in one of the biggest cities on Earth. ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’.