MSI is part school, part job placement.

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Student Experience in New York City

Living in New York City - everything is dynamic, decisions are made, lives are changed, the life, the city, the pace, the central park, the traffic, the buildings, the people, the subway, the morning rush, the spirit of the city, Christmas in the city, Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, it’s a different world in itself that will change you forever. It will somehow instill a ‘Yes, I can!’ attitude that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Here, the whole environment conspires and inspires you to succeed. You can feel it in the air, you can see it in the eyes of the people. This city is like a crazy mistress. You love it and you hate it in the same time. One can hardly put it in words; got to come here and experience it for yourself.
We will bring this at your fingertips. All you have to do is start playing. But make no mistake, this is not going to be easy. School and work in the same time, the rush, the workload, the deadlines, the projects, the boss, the teachers...they will all feed on your energy. But if you work hard, if you stay focused, you will make it and you will emerge as a better version of yourself. And that is when you will get a taste of what they call 'The American Dream'.
After the program, you can just put your finger on the map and choose where to go. You will cope anywhere whether you choose to go back home or start an international career.

Have fun: meet people from all over the world and learn from different cultures, make new friends, go out, travel, visit, seek adventure, create memories!