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MSI has office managers, directors, school agents, and international student advisors available to answer questions regarding immigration policies and regulations, along with your personal concerns or matters. They are available from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Monday through Friday.
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Emails are checked on a daily basis. Students will also be provided academic advising from instructors/teachers during the instructor's office hours upon request.


At the time of this publication, MSI does not supply student housing. However, students may contact an MSI Agent to find out about NYC housing information, such as related websites, list of available options to find the best accommodation etc.


Once students have been admitted, the prospective international students are given a Pre-arrival packet that includes information about academics, lawful immigration procedures and statues, and life in New York through USPS mail or email.

On-site Student Orientation for all new students is conducted approximately one week prior to the students’ first day of class.  Based on the individual’s academic objectives, the student is offered advice on curriculum and course selection by the Office Manager. The purpose of orientation is to better familiarize students with the school environment and to provide important information necessary for successful course completion.  This is also an opportunity for students to ask questions about the school, curriculum, and hand in any final registration documents.  Family members are welcome to attend.  Digital copies of the Student Handbook are available to all prospective students.  Upon request, an admitted student will receive either a digital copy via email, or a printed copy.  The Office Manager will review the Handbook with the student and answer any questions the student may have.  The student must sign a Handbook Acknowledgement Form acknowledging receipt and comprehension of the information contained in the Student Handbook.


Resources and Online Access

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